Different T-Shirt Printers For Your Summer Event

Summer is a great time — it’s your chance to take a break from school or work, have fun, and create wonderful memories with friends. Your event could be a day camp, summer camp, fundraising activity, and the like.

Whatever your summer event is, you can rest assured that it will become more memorable when you and your camp mates or teammates are wearing custom T-shirts. Custom T-shirts not only let your group look great, but also make everyone feel united during the activity, promote your event, and make it easy to locate large groups of children.

Different types of T-shirt printers, which vary in the printing methods they employ, are available to suit different summer event needs.

Screen Printing

A printer that makes use of the screen printing method is a great option for you if your summer event is one that requires large quantities of T-shirts for your participants. Screen printing is one of the longest-standing T-shirt printing methods for various events because of its ability to create custom shirts of superior quality. Plus, it offers you the option of choosing any type of fabric to print your selected design on. A T-shirt printer that uses screen printing yields a less-than-smooth texture on shirts, but the durability it provides makes it a great choice.

Direct to Garment Printing

T-shirt printers that make use of the direct to garment printing method are able to produce custom shirts that bear complicated designs or multifaceted color patterns. As it is difficult to produce a high number of variations from a single design that is complex, direct to garment printing is recommended for you if your summer event only needs 50 participants or less. You and your teammates will love the way your T-shirts feel soft even with the prints on them, because instead of being printed on the surface, the ink used in the design is incorporated into the fabric.

CAD-Cut Vinyl

A T-shirt printer that makes use of CAD-cut vinyl does not really “print,” although it is used in producing custom shirts. Rather, it is an innovative machine which yields prints by using a superior type of vinyl paper. The vinyl is cut into the outline of the design you provide. If your summer event’s logo is one that sports a simple design (for example, it features only the name and the number of each participant), and makes use of a single color, then a printer that uses the CAD-cut vinyl method will work best for you.

Transfer Printing

T-shirt printers, similar to t shirt box that use the transfer printing method share a similarity with those that make use of the CAD-cut vinyl technique. The difference is that instead of cutting the printing material into a design’s shape, transfer printing involves the design you provide being printed onto a specially made paper, and then transferring it onto the shirts by heat. If your summer event requires the use of colored T-shirts, your design may be modified so that its background color is done away with. A textured shirt with a synthetic feel is a likely result.


If your summer event is one that requires you to promote your brand, then turning to the services of a T-shirt printer that uses embroidery is your best option. Embroidery is an ideal choice for you if your event involves a large number of participants and if a logo is to be placed on the T-shirts.

Regardless of the type of printer, I mean ideally  you will choose for your summer event, rest assured that you and your teammates will surely benefit from being able to make your shared memories last longer through printed T-shirts.