Tips for Pairing a Sofa with Chairs

Sofas are not stand-alone furniture. Usually, you need to pair them with chairs and other furniture items just to make the room more interesting and functional. However, due to the endless types and styles of sofas and chairs, people often find it hard to look for the right combination. To help, discussed here are some tips to make a sofa-chairs combination more visually appealing. These tips will be especially helpful if you’ve recently acquired a home care franchise, as you may be on a budget when it comes down to furnishing.

The primary key for a good sofa-chairs combination is the color of the furniture. Generally, individual pieces of furniture in the same room should have the same colors. Even if they have different prints, color matching these furniture items can mean a world of difference. For example, furniture with floral and stripe prints do not match together. However, when they have the same color, they can actually look good together.

Also related to the color is the texture of the fabric of the furniture. Even though a sofa and chair has the same color, if they have opposing textures, they can be a displeasing sight. There is no definite guideline regarding pairing textures so the best way to coordinate them is by trial and error.

In addition, an important factor in pairing a sofa with chairs is the frame styles. Basically, frames that belong to the same family look good together. Pairing a sofa with casual frame with chairs of the same frame type is good. On the other hand, pairing a modern sofa with traditional frame chairs can be quite visually distracting.

However, if the chairs and sofa in the room are not compatible with each other, it is still possible to make them look good. The trick is to arrange them where they will complement each other. The most common technique used when this is the case is placing identical chairs at the two sides of the sofa. The symmetry of the chairs will offer smooth visual cohesion with the sofa, creating a symmetrical and well-toned furniture layout.

Lastly, for convenience and practicality, it is always possible to ask for expert advice. You can always seek the help of a professional interior designer to match and coordinate the furniture. In addition, when buying sofa and chairs, it is advisable to ask the salesperson for furniture sets. Usually, SofaSOS offer furniture sets that are expertly matched and coordinated. These pieces can be just bought and delivered home, eliminating the trouble of thinking where to put individual pieces of furniture.

Car Storage Know-How: What to Consider When Searching for a Facility to Store Your Car

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to find a facility where you can store your car right now. You may want that your seasonal vehicle is not damaged by the road salt during the winter time. You just want to find a professional facility where you can store your classic or exotic automobiles safely.

You may also be looking for a place because you will be out of town for a few months for relocation. Whatever your reason is, it is important to first know what to look for when choosing a car storage facility.

What Should You Look for?

You need to consider the type of vehicle storage that you prefer the most. There are several of them that are as follow:

  • Outdoor Car Storage – This is the type of facility that offers a parking space for vehicles within the facility grounds. The storage spots are not inside a building or under a covered area. This is the cheapest option in all of the types. But, remember that choosing this option may leave your vehicle at risk of damages. These damages may be caused by elements such as the sun and precipitation.
  • Covered Car Storage – A car vehicle storage facility providing a roof-covered parking space outside. This storage spot is covered with tall and wide flat roofs. This is where a number of cars may be stored. This option requires you of paying more than choosing the first storage type. This option offers the same risks as mentioned in the first type.
  • Indoor Car Storage Units – These are the typical drive-up car storage units. These units are large enough in storing a motor vehicle. These are the best option for your car to be protected from harmful elements. You may also rent a storage unit that is climate-controlled. This is also the best choice for a long-term storage.

AutoVault have a superb range of car storage, I’d check them out before you look elsewhere.

Another thing that you need to look for is a facility that offers a storage sport. This is ideal for the size of your car. The car storage unit comes in a range of sizes from 8’x20’ lots to 11’x15’ lots. There are also available sizes for units that include:

  • 10×10 Storage Units- Ideal for small cars and motorcycles
  • 10×15 Storage Units-Ideal for most small SUVs, crossovers, coupes and hatchbacks, other vehicles that are only 15ft in length.
  • 10×20 Storage Units-Ideal for most automobiles such as pick-up trucks, minivans, full-sized vans, sedans, crossovers and SUVs.
  • 10×30 Storage Units-Ideal for the largest vans and trucks. These units are used in storing your possessions such as large appliances and furniture.

Accessibility, Security and Competitive Rates

After the basic considerations are taken care of, the security of the facility is the next best thing to consider. There is a need to choose a facility that comes along with protection features such as good lighting, alarm systems and security cameras.

It must also feature a sprinkler system for unexpected fire occurrences. The facility that you must look for should offer ease and quick access. Most of all, the rate that is charged must give you the biggest favor. The best way you can find such facilities is by means of the referrals from your family and friends.