First Aid Training Is Now Required To Nursery Staffs

Kids are adorable; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel even a tiny affection to cute babies and toddlers. For those who basically drool over babies, working in a nursery is heaven. Seeing one baby already makes you feel mushy, imagine how it feels when you see a couple more of them playing, sitting, crawling, laughing all day or even sleeping? Oh yeah, I know, you feel weak in the knee with cuteness overload.


However, being a nursery staff requires more than affection to their cuteness, it’s a huge responsibility. Parents will leave their beloved child to your facility’s care as they work, thinking that you’ll take good care of them like how they would and expect their child to be scratch free when they come to fetch. And we all know how carefree kids can be, they’re very prone to accidents since they don’t understand what’s gonna hurt them yet.

Which is why, recently, there has been news that, first aid training will be a requirement for those who wish to be a nursery staff.Which of course completely makes sense, because what if, God forbid, something happens to those children that are under your care? Having only one first aid trained staff within the nursery isn’t enough. There shouldn’t be another Millie Thompson, who died due to choking shepherd’s pie, just because the only one staff who knows first aid couldn’t perform first aid on her due to an expired certificate. As a parent it is best to look for nurserys that have recieved training from qualified first aid training companies like My Own Mentor.

Put yourself into these parents’ shoes, if you were them, you’d want the same thing too. Because you want to feel at ease that your son or daughter is in good hands. And when we say good hands, it doesn’t only mean, feeding or rocking these children when they’re hungry or crying, it also mean that even in worst case scenarios, like in Millie’s case, staffs that you’ve entrusted your kid life to, is trained to save your baby.


Finding the Right and Quality-wise Day Nursery for your Child

The most crucial years of brain development in children is their early years. As a child approaches toddlerhood to the pre-preschooler age, she unconsciously develops social skills, builds connection and relationships with adults and other children and learns how to adjust her attitude, emotions and reactions. This is the stage when she gradually opens her mind to limitless learning experiences and curiosity-driven undertakings. When your child seems ready for a touch of proper schooling, it should be the time for you to scout some potential day nursery in your area.

Finding the right day nursery for your little one is both stressful and exciting at the same time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to leave him/her with people you don’t actually trust even though they say they’ve passed countless accreditations and inspections. A parent’s intuition is still the primary push factor when it comes to her child’s welfare.

Before you proceed on your day nursery hunting, here are some pointers you would want to consider

Why put your child in a nursery?

Either you’re a working or stay-at home parent, a day center is the best option if you want your child to be exposed to new and authentic learning experiences. You’ll want her to get adjusted to older people and kids her age and to adjust her attitudes according to the people she interacts with. For older children, this is the best venue for her to get ready for school.

If you have a potentially long list of day nurseries in mind already, you can opt to narrow it down by asking other parents about their own choice of nurseries in your area. You can likewise inquire about their own experiences with the center’s teachers, facilities and policies. This way, you can gain a second-hand experience in your search.

Why consider your child and your own values?

Your child is the foremost reason why you need to choose the best nursery for her – not your job or anything else on the side. Take note of your child’s age, temperament, health issues and interests. It would be beneficial to ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is my child safer and in better hands in a home environment?
  2. Is it more preferable for my child to be with other children?

The above questions will make you think of the best type of day nursery for her. Always put in mind that the child’s welfare is the main priority in selecting. A home setting is most preferable to smaller and younger children; but for older ones who need to be immersed socially for proper adjustment, a day center is the best choice.

Take also into consideration the total cost, location and proximity and, of course, the nursery’s reputation.

What should you look for in a nursery?

As a parent, you need to think about the very institution itself. Take note of the facilities in and out of the center, the toilets, the toys, the cleanliness, the reading materials the health care system. Be thorough in your inquiries. The nursery will gladly appreciate you asking about how they can take care of your child.

Is that it?

That would be a NO. There are more things to consider in finding the right day nursery for your child. You can also check the internet for some other tips to consider. Good luck on that hunt!