Add a personalised touch with hot foil printing


It’s getting harder and harder to impress people and on the printing side of things it seems to have come to a stand still. All though there are many different methods of printing everyone seems to be stuck in the bog standard ink printing. Gifts have become less personalised and it’s clear that the effort put in is lacking with print jobs lasting about 2 minutes now all at the click of a button. If you’re looking for an alternative method of printing that will wow people visit metallic elephant and get a john t marshall hot foil printing machine.slide1-940

If you’re wondering what they can be used for there are a whole variety of things that are bound to impress. Like photo albums with special printed metal messages or to add a shiny touch onto a house number. Not only can you take pride in saying that you made the effort to make the gift but you can do it with ease once you know how.


Once you’ve mastered hot foil pressing you can even take it up as a hobby. Out comes the machine on every occasion possible whether it’s Christmas, Birthdays or even Easter. Having your own printing machine will bring a traditional piece of equipment into your life and give you a modern concept of gift giving.


Never again will you be stuck on what to give to your friends and family and you can even use it for yourself whenever you fancy.

Give Yourself A Break!

We all know work can be stressful, especially for labourers and Newtecnic engineers. The job really has a strain on your body therefore, you need a break.  Have you ever felt so tired that you had to put every will you have in your bones just to lift your fingers? Felt like you’ve been running a marathon from day one? Been so bent on success you no longer know how to stop chasing? Slept half of the day but still couldn’t get out of the bed? Even that energy drink or matcha from Clearspring that used to be your best friend can’t keep your eyes open when you really need to?Tired-Woman-3

No matter what kind of tired you’ve been, sometimes all you need is physical rest and pampering. When our body is in good condition and is fully rested, we think better, act better, and feel better. So why not invite some friends over, enjoy a pamper party together while you try to catch up with each other’s lives. You’ll be surprised with how much time has passed, how much have changed since the last time you guys got together, and how some massage, mani and pedi, or facial can boost your energy.

At Glo Pamper Parties, a simple day off can feel like a mini vacation that you’ve always wanted to pursue. You can choose from their packages depending on what suites your current situation. You surely will be pampered even for a couple of hours, you see, a break from work or whatever it is that’s draining all of your energy doesn’t have to be grand. It can be as simple as a pamper party but will leave you feeling gorgeous, satisfied and refreshed.

So make sure you allow some time off from your always hectic schedule, and visit to see what offer you’d like to try so you could recharge and come back full of vigor and positive aura that you definitely need to conquer this demanding world. If pamper days arent your thing and you prefer a good fishing trip, then grab your boilies by cc moore from Total Fishing Tackle and enjoy the fresh air whilst catching some amazing fish.

10 Occasions In Which An Embroidered T-shirt Is A Must Have

Some people think clothes are just meaningless rags that we throw over our backs but the fact remains that they are much much more. They’re there to cater to us on a number of different occasions. embroidery


In some sports a uniform is required in that case embroidered t-shirts are impossible to miss. But on other occasions sometimes t-shirts are just great for building team morale. Wearing matching t-shirts keeps the team unified and somehow manages to keep everyone in line. If you’re competing printed t-shirts are even better, nothing more intimidating than a squad.

Lads Or Girls Holidays

At every point in a young girl or boys life there of course will be the dreaded holiday. Reckless behaviour and excessive alcohol are writhe but there always seem to be planned outfits. Some take it even further with getting matching t-shirts, with each individuals nickname printed on of course. Matching t-shirts on holiday puts on a united front of course gets you recognised from the minute you step of the plane.

School Trips

When it comes to children losing them is 20 times worse than losing any of their things, especially when you are placed in a guardian role in a place you’ve never visited before. Printed t-shirts are the best prevention method. For starters with a printed polo or uniform they are easily recognisable and easily identified by others.

Work Uniforms

With printed polos for staff it adds a an air of professionalism. In having a uniform there is increased productivity. Similarly it raises awareness of your company. With multiple staff members equality is always important and having uniforms mean when it comes to clothes everyone is equal.

Charity Events

We all know how important charity events are and have seen the plethora of printed t-shirts. Now the main reason a printed t-shirt or polo is a necessity when it comes to charity event is that it raises awareness, which is the intention to start with.


Wearing a printed t-shirt with your brand’s logo can be considered free advertisement so why not? You are able to advertise any sort of company with a printed t-shirt. So for example, if you want to promote student travel companies, it is easy to do this with a printed t-shirt. You can even go as far as enlisting family and friends to help too.

For Whatever You Want

Some people may not have a solid reason for printed t-shirts being a necessity but merely just because they want something personal on a tshirt for themselves.


Personalised T-shirts make the perfect gift for anyone. The fact it is personalised makes it so much nicer because the recipient understands the work and thought that you put into getting them that gift.


There are plenty of funny things you can print on a t-shirt. Sometimes we need something to cheer us up even if it’s as funny as looking down at our clothing.


Some people collect t-shirts from the different places they’ve visited as a keepsake. The idea is similar for having a printed t-shirt for special occasions or to remember days that meant a lot to us.

After School Clubs

Sometimes a t-shirt is great for making us feel like we belong. Often clubs are something we do to fill up time, but embroidered t-shirts are often a part of clubs. Having matching t-shirts almost creates a sense of membership.

So if you’ve finally seen the light visit

Why An Air Compressor In A Nursery Is A Necessity

Aside from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), nursery is included among the most delicate areas in a hospital. The main reason for this is that new babies have yet to develop strong immune systems. With just a contaminant in the air or a virus or bacteria present in the room, the lives of the babies could be very well in grave danger. Therefore, the conditions within the nursery is closely monitored to provide an ideal environment for the newly born children. Though air compressor is used on several areas if not in all areas in the hospital, here are the reasons why an air compressor in a nursery is a necessity and why can cater for your needs.

  1. Provide clean air – Air compressor systems are used to remove contaminants and harmful organisms present in the air. The air is processed in the air compressor before distributing the clean air into the nursery. This is to ensure that the children will not get any diseases which maybe present within the hospital.
  2. Control air humidity – The humidity of the air could pose a threat in the lives of the children in the nursery if not closely monitored and controlled. An air compressor will serve as a dehumidifier to provide ideal air humidity within the nursery. Nursery temperature is usually cooler which would condense water vapor from the air. The water vapor could present a health risk for the children directly or indirectly by carrying contaminants and harmful organisms. Condensed water vapor will also cause malfunctions or short circuits on the medical equipment present in the nursery therefore it is important to minimize the humidity to tolerable amount.
  3. Powers nasal CPAP – Some newly born children could have respiratory problems which threaten the lives of the children. Nasal continuous positive airway pressure or nasal CPAP is used in order to give a steady supply of air from the nose and into the lungs. Specialized air compressor is the base of the nasal CPAP in order to provide and control the flow of air going into the patient.

There are still many applications of air compressor in the hospital. However, it is a necessary tool which provides clean and healthy air with the right humidity in order to create the ideal conditions inside the nursery. It also powers medical equipment used as respiratory support for the patients who have difficulty in breathing which are sometimes present among newly born children. And that is why an air compressor in a nursery is a necessity.