What is a Co2 Cylinder? 

Co2 cylinders are a compressed gas cylinder that is required at the beginning of a draft beer system. Many people do not understand the real meaning of CO2 cylinders. Read on to discover more about this kind of a cylinder.

Can draft beer fit into a small CO2 cylinder?

Yes. Draft beer can fit into a small cylinder as, by forcing CO2 in a small gas cylinder, the molecules are pushed closer and into tight particles together. As this, there is less movement of the particles and the movement gradually slows down. The Molecules also lose a lot of energy as they slowly get colder and colder. Co2 loses an abundant amount of energy at a pressure of 880 pounds per square inch and thus transform into its liquid form. This is a form that takes place inside the gas cylinder and in this state; Co2 Gas can easily fit into the CO2 cylinder. This is however stored in the cylinder till the cylinder is closed. Once the cylinder is open the gas will fizzle out and would flow into the gas side of the draft beer.

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What is the CO2 cylinder made up of?

A CO2 cylinder is made of aluminum so that it is lightweight and is easily handled and also so that it is corrosion resistance. The cylinder can be fitted with a valve to turn off the flow of gas from the cylinder. Turning the handle of the valve or the handle wheel counter-clockwise until it stops can also open the valve. A pressure relief valve is also built into the valve body. This helps in discharging the cylinder if the pressure exceeds a predetermined level. The body of the valve has a threaded outlet that can allow the regulator to be attached.

Size of cylinders

Co2 cylinders are available in various sizes and materials. There are various steel as well as aluminum cylinders that are perfect for soda delivery, home brewing, and more. There are various sizes that you can try out from, as one size does not fit all. All Co2 cylinders are well painted carefully reconditioned and they are re-certified by a number of used cylinders as well. All cylinders are properly tested, painted and given brand new valves.

Where are CO2 cylinders available?

CO2 cylinders are available in all leading online stores. These cylinders need to be stored safely in a well-protected manner beside any kind of material that is not combustible. Never store a CO2 cylinder in sunlight or near any other source of heat or flame. Never allow the temperature to exceed beyond 125 degree Fahrenheit or 52 degree centigrade because of rise in internal pressure with increasing temperature.

Also, understand the properties of CO2 before you handle CO2 cylinders. Though liquefied CO2 does not support combustion, it is stored under very high temperature and requires precautions.

10 myths of the Mann-Filter

Mann-filters are quite important in everyday uses for various industries. But as far as such devices are concerned, there are numerous myths. But you should never trust the myths, as trusting them will lead you to nowhere.

Similar to other products, which are used extensively in various sectors, man-filters also, has a number of myths, which is trusted by many people. Here are the top 10 myths, which are related to such items. The info is from PMJ compressor spare parts.

Myth 1

The same kind of filter paper is not used in cheap and high quality filter Mann-filters. There are numerous manufacturers in the market, and high quality is given with the high-quality filters.

Myth 2

You should always try to buy a new filter, if the old one seems to malfunction. Brushing the old one is not going to give you better performance, and purchasing a new one is the best option.

Myth 3

You should always side to find the number, which is related to Mann-filters. The matching of size and thread is not always important to choose the best one.

Myth 4

If you purchase a high quality Mann-filter, it will definitely work great. The low-quality ones and the high quality ones will never give you the same performance.

Myth 5

High-quality Mann-filters produced with high quality materials. You should check the details. Never pay importance to the advertisements.

Myth 6

Oil filters and air filters are not the same. Thus, you should always go for the best Mann-filters, which are available within your budget, for proper running of your car.

Myth 7

Even if you keep a car for a short period of time, you should have Mann-filters. They are filters will not give you a good performance compared to those of Mann-filters.

Myth 8

Purchasing cheap Mann-filters quite often cannot give you the same performance as the expensive Mann-filters. You should always go for the best one.

Myth 9

If the oil pressure light goes out quickly, it doesn’t mean that the Mann-filter is of good quality. You should check the overall performance.

Myth 10

You do not need to change your oil filter, with every time you inspect your vehicle. It is completely irrelevant and a myth.

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