First Aid Training Is Now Required To Nursery Staffs

Kids are adorable; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel even a tiny affection to cute babies and toddlers. For those who basically drool over babies, working in a nursery is heaven. Seeing one baby already makes you feel mushy, imagine how it feels when you see a couple more of them playing, sitting, crawling, laughing all day or even sleeping? Oh yeah, I know, you feel weak in the knee with cuteness overload.


However, being a nursery staff requires more than affection to their cuteness, it’s a huge responsibility. Parents will leave their beloved child to your facility’s care as they work, thinking that you’ll take good care of them like how they would and expect their child to be scratch free when they come to fetch. And we all know how carefree kids can be, they’re very prone to accidents since they don’t understand what’s gonna hurt them yet.

Which is why, recently, there has been news that, first aid training will be a requirement for those who wish to be a nursery staff.Which of course completely makes sense, because what if, God forbid, something happens to those children that are under your care? Having only one first aid trained staff within the nursery isn’t enough. There shouldn’t be another Millie Thompson, who died due to choking shepherd’s pie, just because the only one staff who knows first aid couldn’t perform first aid on her due to an expired certificate. As a parent it is best to look for nurserys that have recieved training from qualified first aid training companies like My Own Mentor.

Put yourself into these parents’ shoes, if you were them, you’d want the same thing too. Because you want to feel at ease that your son or daughter is in good hands. And when we say good hands, it doesn’t only mean, feeding or rocking these children when they’re hungry or crying, it also mean that even in worst case scenarios, like in Millie’s case, staffs that you’ve entrusted your kid life to, is trained to save your baby.