Why An Air Compressor In A Nursery Is A Necessity

Aside from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), nursery is included among the most delicate areas in a hospital. The main reason for this is that new babies have yet to develop strong immune systems. With just a contaminant in the air or a virus or bacteria present in the room, the lives of the babies could be very well in grave danger. Therefore, the conditions within the nursery is closely monitored to provide an ideal environment for the newly born children. Though air compressor is used on several areas if not in all areas in the hospital, here are the reasons why an air compressor in a nursery is a necessity and why http://www.air-compressoreng.co.uk/ can cater for your needs.

  1. Provide clean air – Air compressor systems are used to remove contaminants and harmful organisms present in the air. The air is processed in the air compressor before distributing the clean air into the nursery. This is to ensure that the children will not get any diseases which maybe present within the hospital.
  2. Control air humidity – The humidity of the air could pose a threat in the lives of the children in the nursery if not closely monitored and controlled. An air compressor will serve as a dehumidifier to provide ideal air humidity within the nursery. Nursery temperature is usually cooler which would condense water vapor from the air. The water vapor could present a health risk for the children directly or indirectly by carrying contaminants and harmful organisms. Condensed water vapor will also cause malfunctions or short circuits on the medical equipment present in the nursery therefore it is important to minimize the humidity to tolerable amount.
  3. Powers nasal CPAP – Some newly born children could have respiratory problems which threaten the lives of the children. Nasal continuous positive airway pressure or nasal CPAP is used in order to give a steady supply of air from the nose and into the lungs. Specialized air compressor is the base of the nasal CPAP in order to provide and control the flow of air going into the patient.

There are still many applications of air compressor in the hospital. However, it is a necessary tool which provides clean and healthy air with the right humidity in order to create the ideal conditions inside the nursery. It also powers medical equipment used as respiratory support for the patients who have difficulty in breathing which are sometimes present among newly born children. And that is why an air compressor in a nursery is a necessity.